How do you use Pinterest?

I finally caved and opened a Pinterest account because every time I search for costumes more than half the links are from it, but now I’m really confused. I thought it would be a lot more organised than it is — I’m a very linear, numbered list type person, and Pinterest … isn’t. I thought I would be able to pin or compile a list of image boards, but it doesn’t seem to work that way — I can follow users and I can pin individual images but I don’t seem to be able to pin/bookmark the boards themselves without using the browser bookmarking tool, which irritates me. I didn’t sign up to this platform just so I can use a browser tool, and I don’t want to duplicate all the image links that everyone else has compiled. The menus within Pinterest aren’t helping, Wikipedia gave me a lot of info on the company (which I knew wasn’t particularly good, but a $20 million dollar settlement is extremely unsettling) but nothing on how to use it, and googling gave me tutorials that were either a decade old (which weren’t helpful) or with an emphasis on business (not applicable).

I guess that what I was looking for was a way to nest board links in a folder-like structure, similar to how my computer is organised, and what I’m seeing is a mess of top-level items (like saving everything to the desktop). Given that I want to use Pinterest as a reference resource rather than a social media resource, is there are way of pinning (and organising) boards without browser-bookmarking them?

[As an aside, there are way too many boards that include either modern reproductions or (much worse) 19th century paintings of 18th century outfits.]