Healing Hearts for Christchurch

Helen Thomas at Angels in Gumboots is coordinating a drive for heart blocks to make quilts for the families affected by the shooting ten days ago. I grabbed a bunch of green fabrics and made up 15 appliqué blocks over the weekend. They’ll go into the post tomorrow or Wednesday. If you are interested in contributing, the info is here.

Heart blocks for Christchurch
Heart blocks for Christchurch

In other news, my Janome 9400 pitched a fit last night while I was quilting a border and has gone in for repairs. I don’t know exactly how it happened but the bobbin holder was pulled right out of its position and had a gouge out of one side (the needle, strangely enough, remained intact). I was doing a serpentine stitch at the time and none of my other Janomes has the same stitch which is annoying. The Pfaff has one that is similar but not identical, so I’ll use that and hope that the recipient doesn’t mind that one border isn’t quite the same.


Cat butts, cat butts everywhere

Crochet coasters in the shape of cat butts, one purple and one teal
Cat butt coasters

I had dinner with a friend last night and she gave me these two cute cat butt coasters she commissioned for me in my favourite colours! I had to laugh as only a few hours earlier I’d seen the cat butt mini quilt on the Cat Patches blog and also the Twinkle Tush picture somewhere on Imgur.