Doll Clothes

These are the dolls clothes I’ve made, in historical order rather than date of construction. When scrolling down, remember that the description is underneath or to the right of each photo (it’s also a link to the relevant blog entry).

Viking dress and overdress modelled by Julie 1000 Viking Dress and overdress

Three chemises 1750 Three chemises

1750 underpinnings modelled by Gabriela 1750 Underpinnings

Pearl (Our Generation) in 1770 sacque back gown
1770 Sacque back gown with first petticoat
1770 Sacque back gown with better petticoat and stomacher buttons

1770 English Gown V1

Marie-Grace 4 (American Girl) in 1770 English gown V2 1770 English Gown Version 2

Caroline in 1790 round gown 1790 Round gown in gauze

Caroline in petticoat for 1790 round gown Petticoat for 1790 round gown

Marie-Grace 1 (American Girl) in 1790 Regency Dress 1790 Regency Dress

1800 Bib-Front gown modelled by #23 (American Girl) 1800 Bib-Front Gown

Marie-Grace 4 (American Girl) in 1810 bib-front dress 1810 Bib-Front Dress

1810 Regency Dress 1810 Regency Dress

1820 Regency Dress modelled by Samantha 1820 Regency Gown

1824 Christmas Dress 1824 Christmas Dress

#47 (American Girl) in 1920 dress 1920s dress in gold

1940s Panel Dress