Books and Hexagons

I wandered into a second-hand bookshop yesterday and managed to find a few embroidery and quilting books:

I should note that the top right book in the first picture is Ukrainian – it’s a survey of the nation’s rich tradition of embroidered blouses and shawls. The SEA textiles book was the only one over $20 and it will be a good complement to my books on Indian and Chinese textiles. The five on the right are all Australian authors, which is a nice bonus. I also found some Batsford embroidery books (smocking and Berlin work) but they have very boring covers.

I’ve also completed more hexagon flowers — I’ll probably make it a tradition to post them at the end of the month:

I am now a little over a third of the way through and I still have many, many fabrics to go.

WordPress tells me I now have thirty subscribers — thank you all. I hope that I can continue to interest you in my work.

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