More Hexagons

I’ve been a bit slow the last couple of weeks due to other commitments, but here are 36 more hexagons to bring the total to 108 (I need 365).

I don’t know why the gallery tool always has to make one image larger instead of arranging them 2 x 2 — I’ll have to try and remember to upload in sets of three in future.

As you can see from the images, I have exhausted the scrap drawers and am now working my way through the colour drawers, so there will be less colour variation within sets from now on.

I’ve also bought a couple more blacks so now I have the required 14 (actually 13, since rings 1 and 2 will use the same fabric). I still like the idea of arranging the hexagons with lights in the middle and darks around the edge, so I took the black fabrics and tried to arrange them in value order. It was interesting to compare the fabrics as they are versus how they look in black and white — some of them appear slightly blue under the flash (I also had some that had a brownish tone but I removed them completely).

Black fabrics - Colour v Black and White
Black fabrics – Colour v Black and White

Ignore the large smudge at upper left — I have cleaned the camera lens since then.

It took a few tries, checking with the camera, but this is the probable order (except that I will swap 4 and 5):

Hexagon backing fabrics
Hexagon backing fabrics

The fabric marked X is lovely but I don’t have enough of it so if I use it at all it will be for borders and / or binding.

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