Mastodon for crafts?

I hardly ever used my Twitter account and I deactivated it when the platform was acquired by voldemusk last year. Like many others I’m considering getting a Mastodon account but there doesn’t seem to be a server oriented to crafters. I found some art servers, which seem to be more for Serious Artists (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m definitely NOT an Artist), and but that seems to be more for people with Etsy shops and I doubt I’ll ever have one. I would, however, like to be able to upload mini posts, such as the daily block, which would only make clutter here on the blog. (Please don’t suggest Instagram — I have no intention of enriching that person either.)

Does anyone know of a handcrafts-oriented server/instance? If there isn’t one I might join one of the Australian servers but the chance that I’ll upload anything that isn’t handcrafts is very low and I suspect that there aren’t many average Australians who would be interested. I’d much rather upload to a local that has quilters and embroiderers and historical costumes.

2 thoughts on “Mastodon for crafts?

  1. I chose and they’ve been quite welcoming to me as a quilter/crafter. The secret, at least for me, wasn’t the instance, but following the hashtags I was most interested in. That’s what fills my home feed and the home feed is where I spend most of my time.


    1. Thank you for that — I forgot about the hashtags. I’ll look into it today and see if they are accepting new accounts (I know some of them aren’t because they’re full from the post-Twitter influx).


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