October Achievements and November Goals (and a facepalm)

So … I honestly thought I’d posted this last week, but it turns out I hadn’t. Please ignore my embarrassment.

October Goals:

AHQ: I’m halfway through another three generic bags for RAAF Butterworth. I need to get them finished as well as this month’s goal (see below).

FAL: I was supposed to finish Blue Christmas by 10th October but failed dismally. I hope I’ll get the rest of the FMQ done by the end of the month so I can put it up as a decoration in December, but we’ll see how I go.

In the meantime, I’m working on the doll-size sacque dress I nominated as this quarter’s goal. I made a toile of the bodice lining to fit the bodice, but then I wasn’t sure how to alter the back to fit the revised lining, so I’m going to make the dress without alterations first and then I’ll work out how to alter it. I know that precise fitting on a sacque isn’t important, because the loose fit was the whole point, but the design as printed seemed to be sagging in the pattern illustrations and I wanted to eliminate that.

Other work:

Still going on the green rosettes for Flame Rose, plus I’ve figured out how to tweak the last round of roses so I only need two brown fabrics instead of four. At the rate I’m going I estimate a finish date (for the units, anyway) of March next year. I’d like to get the top assembled by May 2020, which will be the two-year anniversary of the start.

November Goals:

AHQ: I picked up a quilt in Monday’s request list (28th October) with a due date of 02 December, so that will be my goal this month.

FAL: Continue making the doll sacque dress.