September Achievements and October goals

September Goals:

I’ve been slacking off and reading rather than sewing the last couple of weeks so goals have not been met. However, the NHL season has started and my teams’ first games are tomorrow morning (or tonight, if you’re in North America) so I’ll be sewing at least three hours a day from now until April.

AHQ: Three generic bags for RAAF Butterworth. Partly done. I’ve finished one bag and two more are half-done so they’ll be ready in a day or two.

2019-10-03 Bag
Laundry Bag

Personal: the last two Hawaiian blocks done. Not done. Not even partly done.

FAL: Finish Blue Christmas. Almost done. All the walking foot quilting has been done and I only need to add a little FMQ and then I can bind it. As you can see, Vanima loves to help.

Vanima helping me to quilt
Vanima helping me to quilt

Other work:

Flame rose: I am still working on the “leaves” portion of the design. I had started some rosettes in a lighter shade of olive but hadn’t got very far when I decided that although it was the right hue its value was too light in comparison with the other two greens, so I popped into Hobbysew and found a batik that was much closer in value and blends very well.

I probably won’t finish this section until the end of the year, since my wrists are still having issues with more than 90 minutes hand sewing at a time. I’ve decided on colours for the two final sections, though, so it’s simply a matter of “slow and steady” until the piecing is completed.

October Goals:

AHQ: I may do a couple more laundry bags unless I see something jump out at me from the request list.

Personal: I give up. If I do something for myself I’ll add it in the next monthly summary, otherwise I’m not going to waste time on goals that are never met.

FAL: finish the binding on Blue Christmas and choose a project for Q4. At this stage I’m toying with the idea of a non-quilting project, possibly a doll’s outfit (more on that later in the month).

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