June Achievements and July goals

June goals:

1. AHQ: I didn’t set a goal for Aussie Heros this month as I needed a break. Break is now over (see below).

2. Personal: Finish the last two Hawaiian Blocks. Still not done (I spent much of that break playing video games so quilting work fell a bit behind). Eh, maybe next month.

3. FAL: Finish the quilting on EB and bind it. Quilting is almost done; I just have the borders left to do, and they’ll be walking foot so fairly fast. The binding won’t take long either. I’ll talk about this in a few days when I post the Q2 finish.

En Bourgogne quilting
En Bourgogne quilting

Additional Work:

I went up to Sydney for a sewing day with JM and almost completed one top for her (I was working with blocks other people had done and some of them were a bit uneven, so they needed trimming and frames added to bring them up to the required size). No photos though.

My wrists are much improved and I finished the central stars for the next part of Flame Rose without any pain. The rest of the next section comprises 70 green and black units and I don’t anticipate being finished until September at the earliest. I’m determined not to make the same mistake I made in March so hand sewing is restricted to two hours per night.

July goals:
1. AHQ: One quilt, due date 29 July — I’ve already started this and it’s a fairly simple design so no problems are anticipated.
2. Personal: Is it worth nominating the Hawaiian blocks again?
3. FAL: Not sure yet but it definitely won’t be a full-size quilt. Probably a Christmas tree panel … but I still have a few days to make the decision.

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