January’s Achievements and February’s Goals

A cold front came through last night and the temperature is delightfully cool today. If it were winter I’d be thinking of putting on a light jumper or cardigan but I’m enjoying the novelty of being slight too cold (it’s 22° C inside, if you’re wondering what feels cold to this Aussie). I hadn’t realised how poorly I was sleeping when it was hot, but I certainly feel a lot brighter and more rested today.

January’s achievements:

AHQ goal: I finished the bag and quilt and sent them off to the Middle East. With luck they might have arrived now.

small nine-patch quilt in orange and brown, with a green border
Brown 9-patch mini

Personal goal: this was to bind two minis leftover from workshops I did a long time ago. I finished one, shown above, but not the other — I should get the second one done soon and then I’ll talk about them both later in the month.

The heat prevented me from sewing as much as I usually do, but I did get a head start on my February AHQ goal, which is to finish quilting and add binding to some ex-demo quilts.

Oriental fabrics cut for a stained glass quilt
oriental fabrics

I also cut up a lot of my oriental fabric stash in preparation for a stained glass quilt. Once I’ve cut the black sashing strips I’ll be able to start putting blocks together. Somehow, I thought that this would use up a much higher proportion of the oriental stash than it did … Silly me, I should have known better. I guess I’ll just have to make a few more quilts!

Finally, I finished the SID quilting on the tumbling blocks quilt that is my Finish-A-Long Q1 goal. I should be able to get the ruler work portion done this month.

In hand work (which barely qualifies as work because it’s so relaxing) I’m still piecing the Flame Rose quilt. I’m up to the third level of the design which requires 365 diamonds so that will take me a while. I estimate that I’ll finish this section around the time that the weather changes in April, and then I’ll be able to start quilting Pentastic (the quilt in the header).

February’s goals:

AHQ: bind three ex-demo quilts.
Personal: cut black sashing for the stained glass quilt; put borders on another quilt top.
FAL: ruler work quilting on the tumbling blocks mini.

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