2019 Finish-A-Long

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I’m joining the 2019 Finish-A-Long, but I’m barely dipping my toe in the waters, so to speak.  I hate setting goals I have no reasonable hope of achieving, so for the first quarter I’m going to nominate one small project that I’m certain I can get done. As I’m in Australia, I’m linking through Sandra of Sew Of Course in Ireland.

tumbling blocks top

This top is one of my oldest UFOs.  It was made in a workshop with Sara Nephew in 1994, when she attended the Australasian Quilt Convention in Canberra.  I loved her workshops but, as you can see, my fabric choices weren’t great.  The pink, mint green and floral green fabrics were bought for a sampler class in 1988 (the results of that were so horrendous they’ve never seen the light of day in thirty years).  I think most of the others came from curated long quarters packs.

The top is roughly a metre square so it shouldn’t take long to baste, quilt and bind.  Even though I don’t like it, I’m sure the cats won’t be as fussy.

6 thoughts on “2019 Finish-A-Long

  1. It’s too bad you don’t like the quilt (I don’t love the colours/prints myself), but the pattern is really neat.. I quite like the varying step sizes… or whatever they should be called,. blocks, I guess. It’ll be good to knock off the list anyway, even if you’re not in love, right?


    1. Thank you for commenting! Yes, the pattern is cool, and if I ever make another tumbling blocks quilt I’ll use this variation. I’m really hoping to get into the habit of finishing things rather than filling boxes with more UFOs, so this is the first step.

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  2. Ella

    The pattern is really cool. Would you ever try it again. (Yup, I’ve turned a project I hated into a pet quilt that is much loved by my kitty.) You can do this! (waves pom poms) On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for joining in!


    1. To be honest, I didn’t think I would make this again but seeing it in the photo makes me realise how striking the design is — but I already have so many quilts in the “future projects” folder that I really don’t want to add this to the list. I might note it as a good scrap design for solids because it only requires one or two WOF strips of each fabric. Thanks for the encouragement!


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